Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Deal With Diaper Bags

Are you pregnant and feeling down about your ever-expanding stomach?
Did you JUST give birth and wonder how you're going to fit into those cute skinny jeans you used to lived in?
Is there something not right about your daily routine and you think it might have to do with the ugly print/non functioning diaper bag hanging over your stroller (on the nose, right!?)

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, then it's time to start feeling better. And I also think it's time to go shopping for a....DIAPER BAG! (trust me, there are many nicer bags than the one the hospital gave you!)

Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing your diaper bag:

1. style - over the shoulder? purse?
2. pockets - are inside pockets necessary?
3. colors - neutral? boyish/girlish?

I originally purchased this Reese Lee diaper bag...

I love the soft, neutral color palate and convenient adjustable straps that hooked on to my stroller nicely. The bottom of mine ripped a little and I returned it to Nordstroms, no questions asked. I contemplated ordering the same one again but decided to hold off for a little bit...Until I met Ms. Pickle Bottom, Petunia Pickle Bottom:

The adorable diaper bag costs about $160 but worth every penny (okay I had a store credit, but still well worth it!) I love the trendy Anthropologie-esque patterns and great seatbelt inspired shoulder straps. I was unable to find the EXACT pattern I purchased but this one is pretty close. All of their glazed diaper bags (great for a wiping spills) have a small embroidered design; the one above has an embroidered flower to the right side of the label on the flap. I have to give my mom the credit for this one. She convinced me to put the adorable Marc Jacobs hobo down (I was sure I could fit everything in it) and purchase the Petunia Pickle Bottom one. She said that I would definitely need the room, especially when the baby was first born. And she was right. I love that I can wear it over my shoulder or across my chest. It isn't too heavy and has just the right amount of space. It comes with backpack straps (which I have yet to use).

Here are a couple other really great (one-strap-only) diaper bags that caught my eye:

This gorgeous bag by Dante Beatrix is affordable and durable (coated canvas). Priced around $160 (though marked down on numerous websites) it has great side and front pockets with a main zipper closure.

Dante Beatrix makes numerous kinds of bags for kids and moms and they are adorable! She uses soft, natural, yet eye catching hues...check her out at www.dantebeatrix.coms

This adorable, giraffe print hobo from OIOI retails for approximately $140. It has a great outer pocket and comes with a wipes case, a changing mat and lots more...and it's great for the mom who's looking for something to tote around with or without her baby - it really doubles as a purse! OiOi also makes a messenger style diaper bag in this same print, equally adorable!

If you're not into spending a lot on your diaper bag, there are some great alternatives...check out Old Navy and Babies R Us - I was able to find a few neutral bags ranging from $19.99 - $79.99

check out the links...



Please post your experiences with diaper bags....what do you like/dislike about your diaper bag? share your recommendations!

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