Thursday, March 26, 2009

if the shoe fits...

I love little converse sneaks on tots! I'm sure your dads wore them when they were younger, and you probably have a pair too. Converse are timeless and an absolute adorable shoe! Good for all seasons. Here are my favorites:

Chuck Taylor All Star Slip in chocolate are edible! Boy or girl. Retails for about $41 at I especially enjoy buying things for my daughter that aren't pink! They have a massive selection - from a huge array of colors to Velcro, slip-ons, or laces - they will look adorable!


  1. Love the converse as well, but don't know if I should put them on my 16-month-old who's been walking for only 4 months. Do you think they're supportive enough?

  2. here's what i know about them: if you child has a high arch, they're fantastic - i didn't find any cons with them about support - and mom's are loving the no-lace options as well! has the biggest selection and an amazing return policy - you can always buy - try em on and then return (much easier than running from store to store!)