Monday, April 13, 2009

april showers aren't lookin too bad

One sad rainy day at the pediatricians office, I spotted the most fantastic rain boots! They came just below the knee and had that authentic, I-just-fed-my-horse look I was looking for. I squinted away to read the brand (I really should have just asked!) and later on that very same day I ventured off to find them...

Hunter "Original" retails for approximately $100 and well worth every penny! Originally designed for Scotland's unpredictable weather and sold in a variety of stores (from REI to Nordstoms!) I know they're a bit pricey for rain boots but they're well worth it! I absolutely live in mine. They come in a ton of great colors. I own a black pair but am itching for a pair of the "Dolphin" or "Merlot" colored ones! They don't look as militant after a couple wears - the shininess fades substantially for a more "worn" look. I should mention that in the winter you most definitely need warm socks to wear under. Hunter sells their own socks, "Wellys" that fit nicely inside, and come in a huge array of colors to mix and match - retail for about $36.

If you're looking for something slightly chicer but with the same Hunter quality, check these out:

The Jimmy Choo "Hunter" Rain Boot - These pretty things don't come cheap - approx $400. Here's to daydreaming!


  1. I actually bought and returned these because they were so cold in the winter without the socks! Instead I purchased boots by Sperry called Top-Sider Sadie Tall Boot. Check them out on for $76.95 :

  2. thanks! they are ridiculous without socks but they're great in the spring when it's not so cold but still kinda rainy out. I will definitely check them out!

  3. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jimmy Choo Hunter combo. I saw them in the April issue of Vogue...a pic of them now hangs in my home office! Here's to dreaming...