Thursday, May 28, 2009

cb2, I heart you!

I am BEYOND excited, elated, jumping for joy (you get my drift) that CB2 finally put their Sunny Arm Chair and Inside/Out Dining Table on sale!

check out all the prettiness!

Sunny Arm Chair is now on sale for about $70 - a lovely 30% price adjustment from the original $100 it retailed for. Comes in bright yellow, fresh white, and, my all time favorite: the most crisp modern shade of blue your heart could long for....ahhh (I think I smell a future paint color on my walls!)... Here's why I am especially drawn to these chairs:

-They have a restaurant feel to them, which makes them great for both indoor and outdoor!

-They also stack, which is a big plus for small spaces and for future storage.

-They are extremely durable and easy to clean!

I would recommend only buying this chair in one color as an array of colors would be a bit overwhelming on the eye.

I happen to also adore the Inside/Out Dining Table - on sale for $250 (orig $300). Painted in hi-gloss white and rust resistant it's very practical for indoors or out - and I love the glass table top - super easy for wiping spills and creating the illusion of a bigger space (Windex, anyone?)

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