Monday, May 4, 2009

update your lighting

If you're looking for a chic (I'm getting kinda tired of using this word over and over again so let me start over). If you're looking for a chic (writers block) way to update your dining room without breaking the bank, a new, trendy chandelier might just be what the doctor ordered!

When it comes to lighting, as long as you (or your trustworthy handyman) are familiar with wires, fire hazards, and the general safety of your family and house, the sky really is the limit. Street fairs, antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales and hardware stores are just a few of the places to explore (ummm, remember my 75 cent lamp? exactly!)

I happen to love They are located on the west coast. A born and raised west coaster myself, I've visited a few of them and am so impressed with their customer service and products. They carry a huge assortment. Being NY-bound now, I take advantage of their great website with fantastic sales and clearances. Check out this great fixture:

Originally retailing for $150, the White Flower Pendant Chandelier is on sale now for $85! I love it. Imagine two of these crisp white chandeliers hanging over your dining table. Remove a couple traditional items, add a few white accessories.....voila! an updated dining room.

I also love the look of a white spray painted chandelier! Take any brass chandelier. You definitely don't have to be in love with it, just appreciate the overall shape. I found this one (and there were plenty of cheaper ones there too) at The Home Depot (

Monticello Collection Williamsburg Style 6 Light Chandelier retails for about $63 and would work great for spray painting. I especially liked this one because of the shape and the numerous lights. A 3 light chandelier would work especially well in an entry way or little kids room. The look of a modern matte white color on a traditionally shaped chandelier creates a real eclectic feel to the room or entryway. And it works in a completely white room for an elegant 'museum' feel, or in a brightly colored space for a fresh clean accent piece.

Want to get even more inspired? Check out these white AND colored spray painted chandeliers and tell me what you think. I love the blue one:

And promise me that you'll email me your finish product!


  1. Nice blog, here is some more Home Ceiling Lighting at affordable price.

  2. thanks! there are some fantastic fixtures there! I love the Lina Contemporary teardrop lamp - reminds me of an old wooden bird cage!