Wednesday, June 3, 2009

curtain call!

I recently ventured off to my childhood friends' lovely abode and couldn't help but notice her adorably white shabby chic shower curtain. Here's the thing, she told me it was from Anthropologie maybe a few years back, so when I went to check it out on their site, only but one was left and it in fresh tropical shades of blue and green. Check it out:

100% cotton, machine washable (as all curtains shown here are) and ever so frilly! retails for $118.

If the color fading look isn't your thing, but you're liking the layering idea, check out The Ruffled Shower Curtain By India Rose at

I'm loving her bright colors! Choose from white, persimmon, avocado and magenta. Retails for $96 with free shipping! Have a low window in your home? try using two shower curtains instead of drapes!

If you're not looking to make such a bold statement (why you wouldn't want to? I don't know!) check these ones out:

I adore the delicate rows of ruffles. Snow Field shower curtain retails for $98 at

Love the look but not the $$$? Ditto, so check out this one, above, from 100% Polyester, so no need to worry about it shrinking in the wash. Retails for about $30.

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