Monday, June 8, 2009

coffee tables and coffee tables

I was recently searching the web for a cool, refreshing coffee table - here were my requirements for the perfect table:

1. table must not be ugly
2. table should not look like a place to throw junk on - rather a functional, yet respectable piece of furniture
3. table must be kid-friendly
4. table cannot be rectangular (aka resemble my old one)

and just for extra credit....

1. table can be used as conversation starter with guests
2. table can receive oodles and oodles of compliments...from my husband (this one made me giggle)
3. table can magically transform into homemaker when I'm too busy (well, it was worth a shot!)

Because I purchased our last coffee table thoughtlessly quick, I am much more inclined to take my time and find the perfect table.

I stumbled upon and was immediately pleased with their broad range of shapes, colors, sizes, textures and so on.

Innovations IRock Collection is ultra bright and ultra modern. Legs are metal chrome. Choose from white, red, orange, yellow and black (below).

Retails from about $150 to about $250 depending on size and height. Pick and choose your color and size combo. I absolutely love these!

If you like the minimalist look and want something very simple and less trendy (because you would like to keep your furniture around for at least a couple of weeks) check out Square Cross Table by Furniture FX, for $280. Available in black or white.

If you've got little ones, or just aren't a fan of the sqaure, FX makes a round version as well! For something a little more substantial, check out this one, below:

The Tema Tokyo Square High Table is available in beech, cherry, walnut, wenge, and white finishes. Retails for about $490.

You can never go wrong with a simple glass table - it will last a while in both style and durability. I happen to love this one from

RTA Home and Office Coffee Table has an aluminum base and a durable 8mm clear tempered glass - very easy clean and very affordable at $99! plus use coupon code 3purplebirds5x and receive an extra 5% off at checkout - that's a good deal!

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  1. the colored tables are very sharp but the black one is my first choice. love the modern feel to them.