Tuesday, January 20, 2009

exersaucers, gyminis, and papasan's ...OH MY!

photograph by Kim Anderson

Imagine this:

You're home from the hospital and you have oodles and oodles of gifts just waiting for you - 'oh great, someone got me that exersaucer I registered for' and 'wow thats the Diaper Genie I wanted!' Unless you have unlimited space - you will notice that things could get a little cramped. Here are a few helpful tips when it comes to registering:

1. If this is your first baby, ask a friend who has already registered and had a baby to lend a hand - she'll be able to decipher what works best. And even though different babies like different things - the quintessential items will be easily spotted by her.

2. Gift cards are really the way to go and you can note on most registry's that you will accept these too. If someone buys you an item and you return it sans the receipt, sorry but I'm about 1000% sure that you are screwed and you will not receive the same amount even in the form of a credit. How can you gowrong? all babies needs diapers, shampoo etc.

3. here are my top four items I loved, used frequently, and was most utterly grateful for:

A baby bath - I find the basic blue new born bath by The First Years is great - nothing fancy - but practical in that it fits in almost all sinks for when baby is first born. It has two sides baby can sit on he grows and it's decently priced.

my papasan :

This lovely chair has dual purposes. Let your newborn lounge in it during the day...then add a blanket and voila! it's a cozy lil bed. It's extremely light weight and most of the chairs come with soothing music and vibrations. I don't know if this model is still around but Babies R Us has some adorable ones:

The Gymini (some are also called 'Gym')- this was great for a long stretches of time - my baby fell asleep under it, found it relaxing and eventually learned to interact with it. This item is definitely a keeper - plus the animals come off and easily attach to a stroller - yet another dual purpose!

Regardless of the season, a Bundle Me by JJ Cole is a great item - a must for all babies under one (They also make one for toddlers but by that age your toddler might not want to be snuggled while wearing a big coat and shoes). This snuggly blanket fits in your stroller and car seat in such a neat way - I don't think I ever left home without mine - and they come in great colors and fabrics (you're not just restricted to pink or blue.) This is a gift I love to give people because I truly love mine. Bundle Me's are available in so many places...Buy Buy Baby carries these:


The last of my favorites are:

Snap n Go - a stroller base that your car seat can snap right into - great for when babies fall asleep on the road - you don't have to wake them when taking them out of the car - plus the stroller itself is so light and most have a pretty decent sized basket.

A digital thermometer - Taking a baby's temperature rectally will give the most accurate response. I have yet to use the ear thermometer. The one I have is flexible and registers a reading in 7 seconds. Babies are super fussy when you take thier temperature - so you want it to be a fast experience.

Nail clippers and file boards - this is scary territory the first time. you'd be shocked how tiny your newborns fingers are.

Bath towels - I still could use more.

Books - you really can't go wrong with them - and I promise if you start reading to them at a very young age they will be running to you to read them again and again.
*Board books are really the best (the little cardboard books) - your child won't be able to rip the pages. Pop-up books aren't a good idea for children under three.

The things I would wait for are:

Big items like swings and big bouncy chairs - not all babies like them and they are a hassle to lug to the store and return.

A great stroller - depending on the size and disposition of your baby, you might want to wait until your child has really outgrown the Snap N Go - and by that time 10 new strollers will be on the market and, even better - the one you wanted will be on sale (unless it's a Bugaboo, but we'll get into that another time!)

Pacifiers/bottles/sippy cups - these items are really dependent on your baby and what he or she prefers. These are the types of items you might want to use your credit with.

Happy Baby Registering,


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