Tuesday, January 20, 2009

glitz and glamour post delivery?

About a month or two pre due date, my friend Clair came up to me and casually asked if I had bought my new nightgown, robe and slippers to bring with me to hospital. WHHHHHHAAAAATTTT on earth was she talking about with such conviction? Was there an old American Custom that I had not yet heard of? Well, the answer is a big fat no - but apparently it is common to buy a new robe for when you have guests come to visit - and slippers to roam around the post-delivery floor....

There's no use in prolonging this so I'll just tell you now - I am certain that after you give birth, the ABSOLUTE LAST thing on your mind will be "now where did I put that gorgeous new robe?" and trust me, the only roaming you will be doing will be going to a la leche meeting and then realizing you just don't feel up to sitting in there with that life-saver donut they gave you...and you'll find yourself roaming right back on into bed.

So if you have a Clair in your life, like we all tend to have, do not feel the pressure to conform to whatever nonsense she is deeming "necessary". After you give birth you will probably get "tips and guidance" from every single person (including the man who drops off your dry cleaning) about what is best for your baby and there's really nothing you can do but politely say "thank you" and walk away with a smile you so deeply had to search for - So, just throw your most comfy maternity sweats into a bag (and your cell charger) and call it a day.

Good Luck!

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