Sunday, March 29, 2009

if your lamp is looking a little short these days...

I'm loving my lamp but not really happy with the height. When I ordered my lamps for my bedroom from I was really happy with it! The only problem: It was a little shorter than I expected (why I didn't look at the dimensions, not so sure). Here's a way to add a little height and personality to your lamp: Grab your favorite/prettiest hardcover books or funky boxes and stack em - put your lamp on top - and voila! an updated look, instantly.

The "Stacked Ball Acrylic Lamp" at, retails for about $100 (check out for coupons). I stacked mine on a vintage Hershey's Kisses box and an old cigar box. I couldn't go much bigger or bulkier because the lamp itself is relatively dainty. This look works in just about every room and adds great character (but doing it in every room is overkill)!


  1. Nice! Why don't you profile the rest of the lamps in your house for your readers?

  2. I wonder how that lamp would look on a wider base of books, like big art books or something..

  3. Thanks for the suggestion - I'm going to try it out and post!