Sunday, March 29, 2009

sex and the city and stunning decor!

I was so excited that the Sex and The City movie finally made it to HBO last night - I saw the movie when it first came out and loved the gorgeous redecorating of Carrie's apartment and lil Lilly's room.

Let's check out Carrie's apartment first:

It was thrilling to see such a refreshed look in carries room. Her mirrored vanity and coffee table are ever so elegant and added such Hollywood glamor. Everyone is going gaga over the paint - so let's discuss. If you were ever apprehensive about going for a bright bold color for your walls, check out her apartment and you will be RUNNING to your local hardware store! (the pictures don't do the rooms justice) The gorgeous (custom made) rich blue is similar to C2's Stargazer (c262, check out Check out for an interview with Sex And The City production designer, Jeremy Conway for his inspirations behind the decor. Love the "LOVE" wall hanging in the entryway? get it here:

Now for lil lilly's room...

I've noticed that people either really love her wall color, or they think it looks like pepto bismol. I originally loved it when I saw the movie, but looking at the pics I have to admit, it reminds me a bit of the inside of a stomach. Maybe if it were a shade or two darker it would look a little richer. But here's what I'm loving: the pink, black, and white color combo. It's adorable and didn't seem over-the-top. Check out the traditional wing chair and dresser. Their shapes add sophistication but the stripes and polka-dots have little girl written all over them! A big white lantern or white-painted chandelier could be substituted for the smaller chandelier shown - it would balance nicely with the bright white door and molding. Also, a black and white area rug would look great in here with a white or black dresser (not striped). It's a really stunning room!


  1. Loved the paint in Carrie's room, but you're right! Such a dark turquoise would look horrible in the den. Maybe I will stick with something brighter...

  2. this is what i would recommend - finding a picture of a room you absolutely love and going from there - it's overwhelming to find the "right color" - get lots of samples!