Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a cow in the kitchen

I know I recently expressed how chic I think a chalkboard in the kitchen is - but here's another worth mentioning: Socialite Olivia Palermo's! She's so fun to hate, with her closet the size of a small country. And I simply cannot stop thinking about her fabulous apartment in the city. It's very hollywood glam, a little too unpractical with all the white (I'm sure I would have spilled something all over her yummy cream-colored sofa) but I adore her cow-shaped chalkboard in the kitchen above her stove.

The country feel of the cow and the modern zebra rug in the walkway create such a warm balance. And just for fun, here's a picture of a gorgeous art deco chair in her apartment:

The Pink piping is so feminine - and the shape is truly elegant!

Back to chalkboards - they're a great idea if you're thinking you want to change up your kitchen a little and they're really useful for to-do lists and recipes!


  1. No offense. but how does she even write on that? and does she cook because it must get really dirty...I do like the idea of a shaped chalkboard in the kitchen (and to each their own) but your friend's fridge doors are way cooler.

  2. good call - she probably never uses her kitchen! i agree as well - the chalkboard on the fridge doors are much more practical.

  3. ha! I have to agree, the doors are so practical! I love them.
    I actually have to write my menu down on the fridge and check them off so I don't forget to prepare and serve them!!! (i'm THAT forgetful)