Monday, April 27, 2009

who knew cleaning up could be this adorable?!

I optimistically thought that the throwing-food-on-the-floor stage would have happily ended by the time my husband turned 28 - joking, by the time my daughter turned one. But boy oh boy was I wrong. My floor looks like a disaster almost every night. And there I am, left picking up pieces of macaroni - and washing the tiled, every-lil-spot-of-dirt-shows floor, over and over again!

I started to search for some durable floor mats and was so excited when I came across this one:

"Strawberry Fields Retro Splat Mat" by online boutique store Divas and Drooligans, is so cute and retails for approximately $25. 44" x 44", heavy duty, and available in eight more adorable, retro patterns! check out


  1. great site- they also sell a roll up chalk mat that looks really great for dining out with kids.

  2. i saw that as well! they have adorable tutu's too!