Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pretty accessories

I'm a big fan of putting fresh flowers all over the house - but flowers can get a lil pricey and the upkeep can be a lil annoying - For a while I was putting fresh lemons and limes in a bowl, but for some reason they were rotting faster than I could use them all (I'm no Giada, okay?) here's a no- fuss way to add a little personality to your table, console, nightstand.....

In the fall and winter seasons I like pine cones. I found mine at my local Shop Rite, but you can always grab a few from your backyard (just make sure to clean them well before putting them in your home.) They look so pretty and fresh in just about any kind of bowl and add so much warmth (mine were scented, which I wasn't such a fan of).

Check out vandykestaxidermy.com for a package of six pine cones for three bucks!

In the spring and summer seasons, I recommend saying g'bye to the pine cones (until next time) and switching it up a little.

I have to hand it to bedbathandbeyond.com for having the greatest selection of table accessories. Amongst my favorites are these;

Mosaic Glass Balls are so pretty and rich looking! Two color choices, sold as a set of three, and retail for about $25 (be sure to bring your million coupons they send in the mail!). They look so much more $$$. I happen to be a big fan of the chocolate colored ones.

Check out these rustic, contemporary Batok Balls. About $15 for three. I love the idea of buying quite a few of these and placing them in unequal amounts in a couple rooms in the house - it creates a cohesiveness throughout the home.

Here's the best part yet: when you're sick of looking at them, carefully store them away - when you're ready to take them out again, you'll feel like you've just bought yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers!



  1. I loved my scented pine cones ( and I totally stole the idea from you)! They made my house smell like freshly baked gingerbread men! The mosaic glass balls are stunning...hmm...