Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sunblock = sunsuit

Yay and thank you to all the wonderful stores out there who are actually catering to something a little more important than a cute lil bikini, tankini, and bathing suit this season!

This past year, non-beach specialty stores carried a few bathing suits for your little one that covered thighs, neck, and shoulders. I happen to love a cute ruffle-y bikini on my peanut, but her sensitive baby skin is so much more important. I snatched a great one from the Gap with UPF protection that still happens to fit her this year. Check out these adorable ones!

Throw this adorable surfer top over your toddler - retails for $16.50. UPF 50+.

While I prefer as much skin covered as possible, this adorable tankini from Gap is so cute and still protects with UPF 50+ (just make sure to slather on lots of sunblock!) Striped Tankini on sale now for about $15, gap.com

have a fun and skin-healthy summer!

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