Thursday, July 2, 2009

notes worth taking

I am a complete and utter list person. What does this quite mean? Weeelll, it means that without a piece of paper and pen in my purse, by my bed, in the kitchen, and every other place in my house, I am a total mess. Plus I love love buying new cute notebooks to store all my lists (lists of things to do, things to buy, things to cook, etc)

Purchasing fun notebooks, calendars, and organizers is truly an exciting activity for me (yes I am that person standing in the "day planners" isle at Staples with four planners in hand deciding if I'll get bored looking at purple everyday, or if the blue bird print will bug me after a month).

Here are some adorably sweet notebooks to get you inspired too!

Robert Le Heros Journals are exceptionally chiq and very well made. I love the elastic strap for extra durability. His patterns are bold but very clean and refreshing. Retail for about $19.

I am a big Etsy Fan. Check out this great planner from Etsy shop Clann04.

Made from a recycled food box, this planner is truly one of a kind! Retails for $7 + shipping. Worth checking out - choose from Milk Duds to DiGiorno, lots of shapes and sizes. Very cute! Prices range from $4-$20!

Barnes and Noble has to have one of the greatest selections of calendars, organizers, planners, and journals I could wish for! I can easily spend lots of time peeking through all of them. Plus, if you have a membership or a sister with a membership you get a pretty percentage off and maybe you could grab a coffee and book or two on your way out!

I love this planner by Silver Lining. Retails for about $8. Great color palate and very durable!

Happy planner-seeking!


  1. love this post! thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Oh I am a list nut! My husband bought me an iphone for Christmas and though I love it more than my stash of Austrian wafers, I cannot be persuaded to use its "notes" function. There is absolutely nothing gratifying about deleting your notes. Now, drawing a thick black line through a list item like "Get a new NuvaRing" - well, nothing can beat that.