Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a wallpaper wonderland

Wallpaper lovers get ready to ooh and aaah. I was warmly welcomed to take some snaps of this truly gorgeous dining room. The pictures speak for themselves--check it out:

Three questions for Rachel:

one. Did you have a particular vision in mind before decorating?
I did not have a vision for the dining room. It started out with the wallpaper and it was not really about the color scheme but about which paper I liked the most.

. What drew you to the wallpaper?
I liked it because it was traditional but with a modern touch. After the wallpaper was chosen, everything was built on that.

. At what point did the room feel complete?
For me, the moment the whole thing came together was when we chose the light fixtures. We brought in samples of the wallpaper and curtain fabric and explained the feeling of the room and the lady designed them for me on the spot, complete with drawings and color scheme included! It was actually a really cool experience.

A couple cool facts worth mentioning...

* wondering about the magnificent art on the console? it's a one-of-a-kind and painted by the owner's mother, an artist!

* take a close look at the ceiling and you'll notice it's textured wallpaper - so elegant!

Rachel, thanks so much for welcoming me into your lovely home.


  1. This dining room looks oddly familiar :) Great review!

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