Friday, August 28, 2009

more purple birds

I decided after 1+ years of changing Little Peanut's two crib sheets from her usual Martha Stewart green with white stripes and just plain cream, to purchase some I-enjoy-looking-at-her-crib-more-than-she-does sheets. And what a difference they make! Fitted sheet is by DwellStudio for Target, about $10. Super soft and pretty - and I think pretty cool, too!

Here's a snap of them...

and wuddya know?...lots of purple birds (not at all on purpose, promise)

1 comment:

  1. Pretty darn easy on the eyes. Makes me wish I had spent a little money to delight myself with my kids' cribs. The funny thing about my son's sheets on his bed is that they ALL come from the huge trunk in my grandmother's house which has housed all my old childhood sheets -- Mickey Mouse, Lord of the RIngs (wwwway before the movie), old-school Sesame Street, even Colorforms. So his bedsheets aesthetic is retro, as in we-can't-afford-anything-else-so-you-get--the-sheets-from-the-70s.