Thursday, September 3, 2009

if the customer service is THAT great...

I have some sad stroller news for everyone:
Our beloved Bumble Ride Flyer (yes, the one I had to have) is a total goner. The front wheels won't lock anymore so Bumble Ride so graciously sent me a giant box and arranged for someone to pick it up, drop it by a stroller mechanic and drop it back off at my abode. When it returned from the stroller repair shop (are you also picturing mechanics in greasy jumpsuits fixing strollers in a old garage?) I was thoroughly disappointed to find that the frame that had supposedly gotten fixed was now cracked. SHIT. I called and complained (like a 2 year old) and we somehow ended up with not only a new frame for our old stroller, but another stroller as well. It's still in the box and came with a lovely house mouse. Cheese, anyone?

This whole process feels like attempting to quit the gym...and then ending up with four more years of procrastination. Except my four more years are more like many more years of crappy strollerhood.

And on that note:
Seagrass color (green and blue) Bumbleride Stroller for sale - brand spankin new in box (no mouse, as we checked and sealed the box) best offer...check out a pic at Contact me for more info (and hey at least it's pretty!)


  1. what a lovely, lovely story!

  2. wait a second, what do you mean by along with a house mouse?! and second, that's SO funny you mentioned it was almost like trying to quit a gym. i had no idea it was so hard to do that until i tried about 6 months ago. they made it soooo difficult and such a pain in the butt. i thought it was just our gym, but it sounds like it's not. thanks for making me feel better about that. :) but that sucks about the whole stroller. why do you not want to use the brand new one? how long have you used this one?

  3. sorry for your stroller woes, but great story - especially about the house mouse. yikes and ouch! reminds me of a miss finch story - do you like miss finch?

  4. hilarious! on top of all it came with a mouse! as if the whole stroller situation wasnt painful enough! how about posting it on craigs list?

  5. Cheese, anyone? I'm loling gi!! hilar!!